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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do They Last in the Jars?

Our cupcakes in a jar last about 10 days and can be frozen for up to 4 months. . We have seen them go longer but mostly they are the freshest if consumed or frozen within 10 days of baked on date. 

Do I have to eat the whole jar in once I open?

You can open a  jar, take a bite and close the lid and the cupcake will still stay fresh for the 10 days. So eat one cupcake now and close jar and eat the other at a later time.

How do they stay fresh so long? Do you use preservatives?

We do not use any preservatives. Our jars are baked fresh to order and placed in the jars within an hour of baking. Our cupcakes are fresh when they are placed in the jars, This prevents air getting to the cupcake. We use shelf stable products in our jars to prevent spoilage. 

Do you have other flavors?

We have developed over 40 different recipes since we started. We add only the most popular cupcakes to our website.If you have a special request contact us and we will be happy to create a flavor just for you.

Can you provide cupcakes for my child's birthday?

We would be happy to make the cupcakes for your child's birthday. Contact us for special pricing and labels.


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