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About -Stuffed Cupcake Shop Florida USA

Red Velvet Cupcake


Stuffed Cups is a Father - Daughter small business that started out as a cottage kitchen in Northwest Florida's beautiful Gulf Coast area. We started selling our cupcakes in a jar in a local flea market and various farmers markets throughout the area and have grown to shipping our delicious flavors all over the United States.

While we still stay true to our roots by selling in the local markets, our dream is for everyone to have a chance to experience our amazing treats. Every cupcake we make has a delicious filling.

Chef Shelby has created each flavor of cupcake with a unique flavor of filling. The filling is added to compliment the pleasure that you get when you bite into our delicious cupcakes.

We stuff two cupcakes in every jar that way it is easy to share with a friend. We have found that doesn't happen so might want to buy two jars so your friend doesn't miss out.  Yeah, they are that good.

We are dedicated to providing the most delicious cupcakes you have ever tasted. We use the freshest ingredients available to ensure the highest quality. 

 Our Executive Pastry Chef Shelby is a Culinary Graduate of Sullivan University in Lexington, KY. She has handcrafted each and every recipe with love, and has placed two delicious cupcakes in each and every jar to give you a chance to share. However, we know that will never happen, because once you get a chance to taste her recipes you will not be able to stop eating.

The Chef and Creator of all of our recipes

Our Marketing Manager Chuck (Dad/ Pop Pop) is a retired U.S. Navy Veteran that spent most of his career working on airplanes. He is now retired from the aircraft work and works full time beside his daughter helping to create all of our delicious flavors.

2 Cupcakes in ever jar and each cupcake has a special filling. Our cupcakes are placed in the jars soon after they are baked in order to preserve freshness. They last about 10 days without refrigeration. All though we do not freeze our cupcakes our cupcakes in a jar can be frozen for up to 6 months. They will come out of freezer just as fresh as they went in. 

Chef Shelby                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Chuck

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